An Effective Spin on Energy Savings & Warehouse Productivity.

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How can MacroAir fans benefit your space?

Reduce heating and A/C costs by as much as 30%.

Help maintain a consistent temperature.

Replace many small, high-speed fans taking up floor space.

Prevent Sweating Slab Syndrome.

Help keep your warehouse cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

BMS Integration options for easy operation.

Reduce the spread of airborne particles (Covid-19) to improve air quality.

Prevent moisture from affecting product.

Keep employees comfortable, leading to higher productivity and accuracy.

Quiet fan operation.

Looking at the quality of welds that MacroAir performs and requires as “standard” on their products was amazing! They not only make a very good product in-house, but they also care very much about their product and require the best.

Garrett Sheckels

Oklahoma LED


You’ll be a Huge Fan of the Productivity & Savings

NASA conducted a study showing that when temperatures rise, worker productivity declines, and mistakes increase - drastically. With the addition of MacroAir fans, employees will feel anywhere between 8°- 15° cooler under our fans. And when more comfortable, workers are more productive and more accurate. Plus the airflow will blow significant energy savings your way year-round.