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How can MacroAir fans benefit your space?

Provide a comfortable atmosphere for members.

Produce a massive amount of airflow.

Reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

Replace many smaller, high-speed fans.

Quiet fan operation.

Sleek and stylish design.

Keep gym odors away with continuous air movement.

Keep airborne particles at bay.

Compared to gyms that don’t have these fans, the air quality is so much better at the gym that has MacroAir.

Parker Young

Youth Team Instructor, Vital Climbing Gym


Strong Savings and Ceaseless Comfort

Whether adding fans to a small studio within your gym or to a massive fitness center, you are sure to find the fan perfect for your needs. Within your facility, notice immediate and significant savings in your A/C costs year-round. You will run your A/C less often, and when you are running it, it will run much more efficiently. As for comfort, there is nothing worse than working out in a stuffy, hot gym. People will feel anywhere between 8°-15° cooler under our fans. All while operating in a sleek and dramatically stylish fashion.