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How can MacroAir fans benefit your shop?

Improve ventilation - keeping air healthier.

Reduce energy costs by as much as 30%.

Improve overall air quality within your shop.

Quiet fan operation.

Safer, as they are up and out of the way (no extension cords).

Increase employee productivity & comfort.

Increase air circulation.

Free up floor space by replacing many small floor fans.

Our utility bill dropped immediately, and we saw the savings in the first month - around $1,800!

Gary Smith Sr.

President, G. Smith Motorsports


Fueling Comfort and Savings for Your Shop

American designed and engineered, MacroAir offers one big fan to replace all those little fans in your small & large auto body shops, commercial dealerships, tire shops, and every shop in between. MacroAir fans run in forward and reverse direction, moving significant amounts of air to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The airflow helps to make your shop feel cooler and your employees feel comfortable & productive. Plus the airflow will blow significant energy savings your way year-round.